Benefits of a Beautiful Lawn!

Why do we brave the hot sun on summer weekends to tackle that grass?  Well, in addition to having the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood, there are actually a ton of benefits to maintaining a healthy lawn–to you, your family, and to the environment.  

These benefits include:

  1. Erosion protection!  With up to 90% of the weight of a grass plant in its roots, it makes a very efficient erosion prevention device, also removing soil particles from silty water.
  2. Natural air filter for your yard.  Turfgrasses trap an estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt released annually into the U.S. atmosphere.
  3. Natural water filter for your yard.  Turfgrass helps purify water-entering underground aquifers — its root mass and soil microbes act as a filter to capture and break down many types of pollutants.
  4. It’s just … more comfortable!  Playing fields covered with dense turf have proven safer, as demonstrated by a simple egg drop test. When a dozen raw eggs dropped from a height of 11 feet onto a 2-inch-thick piece of dense turf, none broke; two-thirds of them broke on thin turf from that height; and from just 18-inches up, all broke on an all-weather track!
  5. It makes great financial sense.  A Gallup Survey reported 62% of all U.S. homeowners felt investment in lawns and landscaping was good or better than other home improvements. The investment recovery rate is 100-200% for landscape improvement, compared to a deck or patio that will recover 40-70%. Proper and well-maintained landscaping adds 15% to a home’s value, according to buyers.
  6. Grass is rain’s best friend.  Healthy dense lawns absorb rainfall six times more effectively than a wheat field and four times better than a hay field. Sodded lawns can absorb 10 to 12 times more water than seeded lawns, even after 2 years of growth, thus preventing runoff and erosion.
  7. Did we mention a natural air filter for your yard?  A turf area just 50 feet by 50 feet absorbs carbon dioxide, ozone and other atmospheric pollutants and releases enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four. The grass and trees along the U.S. interstate highway system release enough oxygen to support 22 million people.
How to get a great lawn

Your lawn and landscape can make all the difference to the environment and your family! So take pride in your lawn this year and celebrate the hard work of your investment.

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